Animation Sprites in Unity

While animation is easy with the sprites, today we will look at the animation. To start to create your animation by clinking on Window on the menu at the top of the screne. Below I am animating the enemy ship so that we can make it explode.

While the bottom bit of the screen has the animator has it, we need to go to the sprites and height light the explosion ones into the scene. Then you will need to record it by click on the red record button and then hit play.

The top is part of the animator and it was how the animation play. The animation time and play so it will stop. So we added an empty step to give it a pause. This allows the animation to take and wait until it is activing. This allows the animation know when it starts up and play and stop.

So this is how to animating an object.

So till next time.




Game Designer and Unity Developer

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Angela Jones-Wright

Angela Jones-Wright

Game Designer and Unity Developer

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