Day 1 The beginning of a Journey

Hello All,

I am Angela Jones-Wright. I am wanting to find work in the Unity platform career. I got my Game Design B. S. degree from Full Sail University Online. Then I have gotten my master’s degree from Full Sail University for Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Both I enjoyed doing. However, I could not find work in the field I wanted to work in and my skill set would match.

While this was not helping, my health took a nosedive and I found that I had to pull back and go through the tests that the doctors had requested. I was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer and had it removed and everything seemed to be ok until I got pneumonia and covid 19. I nearly died and had to take and rest until I got restless and decided it was time to get my butt back to work and with some help from GameDevHQ, my dream may be realized as I get to brush up and work on my skills and try to start applying.

So my first job is to write a small blurb to let you know I am back. I am looking for remote work. I will always be willing to travel for a few days away from home. But I would rather work from home for my own health.

So what are your favorite games? Right now, I am playing on Xbox One, The Survivalist, Elder Scrolls Online, Zombie Army Dead War 4 and to wind me down some old-school Pac-Man. On the PC/Mac, I have been into playing Particle Mace, Plague Inc, Evolved, Fishdom, Pool on Facebook, and Mystery Manor. There are a few games as a guilty pleasure like Pokemon Go and Musical Tiles.

I have three daughters, first one is married and disabled, the second is going to graduate this year from high school and going to study for a criminal justice degree, and the youngest is a year till she graduates from high school. She has a desire to work in many fields with coding.

So those out there, say hi and let me know what you think.

Game Designer and Unity Developer