Day 2 What Happened Next?

Hi All,

I hope you are well and have a great day. So what did I do? I am trying hard to do a course that was supposed to be about 2 hours on how to use GitHub and upload a project. As most of my friends and fellow peers from Full Sail University remember sometimes Git can be a handful. I start off great. The git bashed and setting up with a few lines of code.

I got to a point and patted myself on the back because I was doing great. And then…. I hit a roadblock.

While I got stuck getting the files to link with the site, after looking down below the video where I was stuck on, was a link to issues that were going on with the site’s changes and how to fix the issue. I also reached out some great people who are helping out during the course which gave me a link after trying to help me. The next thing was to commit the project to Git. This was a bit of trouble for me but with doing some more research, I got it. This was a bit more time than I thought but I stopped for dinner after successfully get the project uploaded to the cloud.

When finished with the family, I returned to it and listened to the next course list which I could not find earlier. This is about how to apply to jobs, what to do, and my online profile. I do already have an online profile but need some more projects. I wanted to do more. But if you are interested <<< this is it. Please check it out and see what you can see that could help me improve.

Game Designer and Unity Developer