From Prototype to Work of Art

While most people who create objects to move around, don’t start with a fully completed peice of work. They use objects for stand in. And in this project, we are using boxes and capsules to create a working game. While building it, Testing it out and see if it is correct is a major way to get it up and runing to where we need to be.

To the right is a shot of enemy boxes are representative of red and the white is the player. But how do we know this and this is not art is it? Well, with the coding and the movement program into the boxes could be consider as art. But the true art is the 2D Sprities. Right now this is started out with 3D objects but now at this point in the game, we are turning them into 2D. This is where the art comes in.

For most people, the sprites that are used are made by pics. Tiny little dots make up a picture or able to strink a picture down to size but flat. So here we go, we take and place on the 2D rigidbody and a 2D box collider and place the sprite to the enemy, and the player.

This is what it should look like when it is done

I have added background, and my ships is there. You can see I even have a drop.

So I hope this helps. I have some more artistic license left to this. But it will be artistic licences. So another hurdle down now how much more?

Game Designer and Unity Developer