What is a Game Design Document(G.D.D)?

Hi all. Now I mentioned that I would do an article on what is a G.D.D? Well, it is a document that outlines the game and how the game's features should work. While it is not necessary, it gives large games an idea of how the game should look like, and a record of what has changed during the creation of the game. So I am going to show you what a blank outline looks like.

This is the top page. It has the studio name and who worked on the project. This GDD was set up so the next project can just be set up and go.

This is a table of contents. This is hyperlinked table of contents. Each of the titles that are underlined can be taken straight to the topic line. This allows the designers, art department, and coders to find out what is the function of each system in the game.

This would be listed as a mechanical system. While I had not had anything in the one I am showing you. I pulled from my final project GDD for Rail or Fail. This was an endless runner that allowed a train to ride through the sky picking up power-ups and dodging enemies and obstacles. This shows everyone what we want this function to do.

This is a progression flow chart. This will give the coders the if and else statement guide. It allows people to see what will happen or needs to happen during this time. It shows how things are going to look on a base level. Ideas for the art department are also shown on here.

The best reason to use a GDD is if you have more than 3 people working on a project to keep the workflow consistent and moving in the right direction. While communication is very important, this will help focus the game maker’s team so that they can make the best game possible.

So tonight I am off to the awards ceremony for my youngest daughter who got a 3.5 for a final score. She is wanting to go to college for a degree in Computer Science. She is learning to code and makes games.

Just to leave a meme I found. This is me at times.